The 2017 Pantone Colours are OUT!!!! It should come as no surprise that to most of us, this Colour statement would be met with a “Huh?”

To the world of design and Designers however, this is significant and the response is a resounding “Fabulous!”.

What does it truly mean to the World? Colour choices in everyday design life are completely connected and not accidental in coincidence. Whether it is on the Runway in High Fashion or in Interior Design, the colours of the season create a dominoes effect that trickle down to what is “IN” for web design, furniture design, wall paint etc.  The most important to us?  Of course, it dictates this season’s colours in the Wedding and Event world of Design.

This Year’s Pantone Colours are

  • Niagara – A Blue Grey Navy combination that reminds of us Blue Jean Denim
  • Primrose Yellow – A happy, yellow that can be described as Bumble Bee Yellow
  • Lapis Blue – An intense Blue that verges on Cobalt Blue
  • Flame – Reds and Oranges blended like Fire
  • Island Paradise – A Calming Blue Green Turquoise
  • Pale Dogwood – A soft Blushy Tan
  • Greenery – Yellow Green and lush
  • Pink Yarrow – An explosion of Hot Pink
  • Kale – A balancing dark Green
  • Hazlenut – Earthy and elegant, this Tan is a perfect compliment to this Year’s colours!

Now let’s talk about individual colours and their meanings.

BLUE is a colour found in many places in nature.  Look to the sky or the seas to see varying shades of Blue.  It can be considered a cold colour when it is a deep shade such as denim or cobalt.   Add a touch of Green to it and it becomes calm and zen as in Pantone’s Island Paradise.   The emotional response to Blue though is somewhat opposite to it’s cold appearance.  It inspires trust, dignity, intelligence and authority.  Clean and dependable is an emotional impression given by Blue.  In it’s lighter form, it symbolizes peace, serenity and spirituality.  In design, Blues are used in areas that you want to appear smaller or to be the background.  Too much of Blue though creates a dullness to the senses.

YELLOW is a colour that captures the eye more than any other colour in nature.  It is the colour of the Bumble Bee and symbolizes happiness and optimism.  It inspires creativity and is the most visible colour in the colour spectrum.

RED is the colour of passion, love and seduction.  Fire, energy and primal human emotion is a fiery Red.  Red has two sides to it’s range — Tomato Red which leans to the Yellow side and Berry Red which leans to the Blue side.  These two sides will clash when put together so it is important to respect the tone of your Red.  Red is the second most visible colour in the spectrum and is magical in it’s chameleon properties.  Place it with Orange and it’s fiery presence all but disappears.  Place it with White and it becomes almost happy and normal.  Place it with Black and it glows on fire!

ORANGE is vibrant, hot and engaging.  Think Sunsets and Campfires. Orange gives us energy and vitality, excites our senses and gives us warmth.  A colour that was all the rage BABY in the 70’s, it faded away along with striped bellbottoms.   Now happily, Orange is making a fabulous retro-comeback in fashion and design.  The colour ranges of Orange go from Terracotta/Cayenne – a dark Orange, to Persimmon – a Red-Orange, to Pumpkin – a pure Orange, to Salmon – a Pink toned Orange to Melon – a light and soft Orange.  It can be spicy or earthy; both of which depend upon what it is placed with.

GREEN speaks of ecology and nature.  It is growth and rebirth, not to mention the colour of luck in a 4 leaf clover.  The shades of Green are Yellow Green which is the colour of a lime or avacado or a mix of Blue and Green which gives us our fantastic turquoise colours or aquas. Feng Shui notes that green eases forgetfulness, calms nerves and can even curb rude behaviour.

PINK is a mix of Red and White.  It’s tones can range from a Blue based Berry Pink colour which gives us Pantone 2017’s Pink Yarrow to a Salmon Pink.   This Pink is Orange based and produces a lovely blush shade such as this Year’s Pale Dogwood.  It can be delicate and make you think of  lace and romance.   Or turn it up a notch and Pink is retro chic and reminds us of outrageous fun and laughter.

Choose your Wedding or Event colours based upon the emotion you want to create for you and your Guests.  Or simply, pick colours that make you happy and make you smile.  There is no “right” or “wrong” in your colour choice or choices.  Our best advice is pick the colours for you and not for what is on “trend” or “in style”.  What IS truly on trend ?  It is the colour you choose for your Event or Wedding and the colour choice that will create happy memories for you for a lifetime.  Happiness never goes out of style!

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